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  • Form of Knowledge 

    Barth, Theodore (Design product, 2020-12-09)
    The flyer-series #01-#06 (data-set) features a groundwork—explained step-by-step—for a theoretical focus in design in a didactic framework of a practical education in design (MA). Forebears: Spinoza, Rosalind Krauss, Felix ...
  • Spatial Workstation 

    Barth, Theodore (Artistic production, 2020-06-18)
    The flyer-series seeks to expand the Klein's group—as referred to by Rosalind Krauss (1979)—in the area of asymmetric interaction in various domains: communication, transaction, strategy and embodiment as an aspect of ...
  • Drivpunktet : en håndbok for deg som vil jobbe skapende 

    Riege, Hanne (Book, 2020)
    Kropp, skaperkraft og vilje henger nøye sammen. De samles i det som i denne boka kalles drivpunktet. Med denne boken ønsker jeg at du kan bli kjent med din indre kraft. At den ikke bare dukker opp plutselig, men at du får ...
  • «Wild Poem» - et KUF prosjekt med Marius Holth, i samarbeid med Carle Lange 

    Holth, Marius (Research report, 2020)
    «Wild poem» er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom sanger/komponist Marius Holth og scenograf Carle Lange. Vi vil utvikle et polyvokalt musikkteater der dramaet oppstår i møtepunktet mellom musikken, tekstene og det sceniske ...
  • Ethical Receptions 

    Barth, Theodor (Artistic production, 2020-05-18)
    The flyer set (1 HEX) was developed in preparation for a 3-way lecture with Dániel Péter Biró, Bojana Cvejic and Theodor Barth. Title: Receptions of Spinoza. Text: Ethica. Reading (music): Nulla Res Singularis. The ...
  • Print Matters 

    Pettersson, Jan Stefan (Book, 2019)
    Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition "Print Matters - Contemporary Constituencies of print 2019" with teachers and students from the Department of Print & Drawing, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Grafiska ...
  • Dossier in relation to the project Amor Rojo (film, Part 1) 

    Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
    The figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), a Marxist theorist and October revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist at a time when those terms were not yet in use, is at the center of an experimental fiction ...
  • Anti-Matter (Non-Type) – An Artistic Research Project 

    Raein, Maziar (Research report, 2020)
    Contributions from Dr. Ane Thon Knutsen, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Ellmer Stefan, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Edwin Pickstone, Glasgow School of Art ; Helen Ingham, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.
  • MONO.DIO.POLI.META.LOGUE – An Artistic Research Project 

    Raein, Maziar (Research report, 2020)
    Contributions from Tale Næss, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Martin Asbjørnsen, External Researchers & Programmers ; Alejandro Rojas, External Researchers & Programmers ; Michiel Jansen, MINERVA Hanse University Groningen of ...
  • Kretsløp skisser 

    Disen, Karen (Others, 2019)
    Karen Disen. Hva befinner seg i mine utviklingsprosjekter
  • Circuit I 

    Disen, Karen (Artistic production, 2019)
    Tegning vist på 15th International Print Triennial, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland, 29. september - 01. desember 2019.
  • Circuit II 

    Disen, Karen (Artistic production, 2019)
    Tegning vist på utstillingen Print Matters, Grafiska Sällskapet Stockholm, 23. november - 17. desember 2019.
  • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Barth, Theodor; Remy, Samoa (Lecture, 2020)
    This public seminar expands on Ruth Pelzer-Montada's anthology of texts on contemporary printmaking to consider "the graphic matrix as a trace carrier, to enable an imprint of a visual recording of the trace onto the ...
  • Being with Spinoza 

    Barth, Theodor (HEX-base;, Artistic production, 2020-03)
    The flyer-series develops an experimental companionship with Spinoza's Ethics, under the conditions of the Corona pandemia (Spring 2020). On this backdrop a 'plateau-assemblage' of learning-outcomes and reflections on ...
  • Situating choreography 

    Barth, Theodor (Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]);, Dataset, 2020)
    Barth, Theodor. (2020). Situating choreography. Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]), rejoinder to Bojana Cvejic. (2015). Choreographing problems—Expressive concepts in European dance and performance. ...
  • Unge stemmer 

    Einarsson, Anna Elisabeth (Others, 2019)
    Et seminar om sangpedagogikk og anatomi. Seminaret passer for sangere, dirigenter og pedagoger, og er todelt: Fredag 8. november handler det om stemmeanatomi, utfordringer ved feilbelastning av stemmen og forholdet mellom ...
  • The Matrix Walk 

    Barth, Theodor (The Matrix Walk;, Dataset, 2020-02)
  • Danuta Haremska: Growing 

    Haremska, Danuta; Ulekleiv, Line; Lyseth, Hege (Book, 2019)
    The catalogue is produced with support from Department of Arts and Crafts at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts & Project Support from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond & Publications Support from KUF Commitee at The Oslo ...
  • Training Nature: Multi-plate relief block hand-printing processes in European manufacturing of wallcoverings 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Report, 2020)
    Primary data gathered from three historically renowned European manufacturers will inform my studio-led research; Training Nature, the transformation process of reduction into intransitive tessellating multi-plate relief ...
  • Dog is Dog - a performance 

    Holmkvist, Saskia (Research report, 2019)
    Rapport fra prosjektet Dog is Dog (2017-2018) Prosjektet er støttet av KUF-utvalget ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

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