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  • Occasional cause #01-#06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2020-10-22)
    Occasional cause has a long-standing history as a metaphysical topic, of a largely speculative in nature. In this flyer-collection, however, an experimental approach is adopted. Mentions: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad’s med-term ...
  • Synopsis #01-#06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-02-22)
    [ENTER] EXPERIMENTAL MEREOLOGY —A theoretic activity in artistic research [link: all sets can be accessed from flyer #06 in this series/SYNOPSIS] Mereology is the study relations between parts and whole. It is ...
  • Cabala #01-#06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-03-19)
    THE WORK OF RECEPTION —The underground resourcefulness of the cabala [flyer-set connection: 21-1] If the spelling cabala is used here—different from the common spelling kabbalah—it is to help the reader to place ...
  • Reflexive Dramaturgy - Scenic Digital Book Launch by Tore Vagn Lid 

    Lid, Tore Vagn (Video, 2021)
    The book «Reflexive Dramaturgy» makes up the last part of a perennial artistic research project that Tore Vagn Lid has been leading as a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The launch of the Norwegian edition ...
  • alienation & ethics 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset; Design product; Artistic production; Musical score, 2021-02-14)
    The flyer series (1 HEX) seems to etablish and develop the relation between ethics and dialectical materialism. New spectral perspective on Marx. A non-corporatist exploration of mereology (the relation between parts and ...
  • the 6th wall 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-02-12)
    The collection features a stepwise processing of situations and their theoretical potential written i real time, during ARW 21 (artistic research week) at KHiO 25th-28th January.
  • Utsmykking på Sandsli Bo- og Aktivitetssenter 

    Schrøder, Tiril (Artistic production, 2020)
    Utsmykking på Sandsli Bo- og Aktivitetssenter, Bergen kommune. Tidspunkt: 13.07.20 - 31.12.20 Antall gjenstander: 28
  • Crisis & Care: flyers #01-#06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-01-25)
    Preparation and modular diary for the Artistic Research Week (ARW) at KHiO, week 4, January. The flyer series aims at maturing the configuration of a collaborative situation—distributed in two sessions (#15 and #8)—and ...
  • Del 4: Merce Cunningham. A Legacy of Dance 

    Jørgensen, Øyvind (Conference object; Video, 2020)
    Miniseminar organized by The Department of Dance, Oslo National Academy of Dance, in cooperation with Merce Cunningham Trust (USA). Participants: Andrea Weber, a former dancer for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company - and ...
  • Merce Cunningham og senmodernistisk formalisme i dansen 

    Jørgensen, Øyvind (Student paper, others, 2020)
    3. - 14. februar 2020: - 2 ukers undervisningsfordypning i Merce Cunningham teknikk, tenkning og kunstneriske aspirasjoner, for BA samtidsdans, BA klassisk ballett og MADA. Undervisning med teknikk trening, innstudering, ...
  • Interruptions 

    Christensen, Jeannette (Artistic production, 2020)
    Interruptions, KODE3, Rasmus Meyers Samling, Bergen. Christensen, Jeannette (Artistic production, 2020) An intervention in the permanent presentation at Rasmus Meyer Collection. A continuation of my investigations ...
  • Exhibits #01-06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-01-11)
    Though the title of this series is #exhibitions, none of the elements in the flyer-series deals with exhibition in plain and non-perturbed sense. The source of perturbation is the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic—evidently—but ...
  • Admiralveien 9 – «En ukjent handelsgård på Karljohansvern?» 

    Ruud, Vigdis (Student paper, others, 2020-10)
  • Stedsanalyse Adamstuen, Oslo 

    Ruud, Vigdis (Student paper, others, 2020-02)
  • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Barth, Theodor; Remy, Samoa (Lecture, 2020)
    This public seminar expands on Ruth Pelzer-Montada's anthology of texts on contemporary printmaking to consider "the graphic matrix as a trace carrier, to enable an imprint of a visual recording of the trace onto the ...
  • MDE 551 | Theory 3—Synthesis 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2020-12-07)
    MDE 551 | Theory 3—Synthesis The course materials posted here features a track record of pilot-course in theory, based on two principles: 1) Theory 3 is a logical concluding step from two previous theory courses [Theory ...
  • Artists' Publishing Photobooks: Christian Tunge 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2020)
    "Photography is about perspective, challenging the images we take for granted as effective mediators and representations of our sensory experiences and memories.” In 2020 Christian Tunge and Behzad Farazollahi collaborated ...
  • MDE 504 | Theory 1—Theory in Design Practice 

    Barth, Theodor (Lecture, 2020-11-27)
    This collection of elements documents an introductory course in theory at KHiO’s MA in design. In this course, the students are required to: 1) develop a reflection logbook with weekly inserts, called a Black Book; 2) a ...
  • the debt #01-06 

    Barth, Theodor (Artistic production, 2020-11-03)
    The debt #01-06 is a flyer series written as a modular diary—linked to events, activities and topics that have come my way in the expanse of 2 weeks. During these two weeks a chief concern has been the how the structural ...

    Barth, Theodor (Peer reviewed; Conference object, 2019-09-07)
    PREAMBLE—when I use the term ‘post-historical’ it is not in the sense of postmodern theory, but in the sense of Fredrik Barth (my mentor in fieldwork) who made the cons- picuous claim that historians have more to learn ...

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