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Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo [1143]
  • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Barth, Theodor; Remy, Samoa (Lecture, 2020)
    This public seminar expands on Ruth Pelzer-Montada's anthology of texts on contemporary printmaking to consider "the graphic matrix as a trace carrier, to enable an imprint of a visual recording of the trace onto the ...
  • Being with Spinoza 

    Barth, Theodor (HEX-base;, Artistic production, 2020-03)
    The flyer-series develops an experimental companionship with Spinoza's Ethics, under the conditions of the Corona pandemia (Spring 2020). On this backdrop a 'plateau-assemblage' of learning-outcomes and reflections on ...
  • Situating choreography 

    Barth, Theodor (Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]);, Dataset, 2020)
    Barth, Theodor. (2020). Situating choreography. Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]), rejoinder to Bojana Cvejic. (2015). Choreographing problems—Expressive concepts in European dance and performance. ...
  • [6 texts and pictorial essay in book, 2019] 

    Jonsbu, Tina (Book; Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    The texts in the book describe rather than conclude, and I have worked with them in a way similar to the way I relate to my other artistic works. Among other things the texts have a formal framework that has helped to ...
  • Skeleton Woman 

    Becker, Signe; Langgård, Ingvild (Artistic production; Video, 2020)
    Skeleton Woman er en del av Becker sin doktorgrad ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. SKELETON WOMAN Av Becker/Langgård Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival / Black Box teater / Kunstnernes Hus Av og med: Julie Solberg, Cecilie ...

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