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  • Circumstantial Sculpture. REFLECTION 

    Johnslien, Marte (Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    The artistic research project started in October 2016, with the working title Sensitivity as Strategy. In August 2019, it aquired its final title: Circumstantial Sculpture. As a research fellow in Artistic Research in the ...
  • White to Earth 

    Johnslien, Marte (Book, 2020)
    The publication is produced in conjunction with the exhibition Hvitt til jord, ROM, Oslo, 21 January–23 February, 2020.The exhibition Hvitt til jord is the final presentation of Johnsliens artistic doctoral work, the project ...
  • Hvitt til jord 

    Johnslien, Marte (Artistic production, 2020)
    Utstillingen Hvitt til jord på ROM viser Marte Johnsliens avsluttende doktorgradsarbeider ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, avdeling Kunst og håndverk. Johnsliens kunstneriske utviklingsarbeid, Circumstantial Sculpture, er en ...
  • «Wild Poem» - et KUF prosjekt med Marius Holth, i samarbeid med Carle Lange 

    Holth, Marius (Research report, 2020)
    «Wild poem» er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom sanger/komponist Marius Holth og scenograf Carle Lange. Vi vil utvikle et polyvokalt musikkteater der dramaet oppstår i møtepunktet mellom musikken, tekstene og det sceniske ...
  • Ethical Receptions 

    Barth, Theodor (Artistic production, 2020-05-18)
    The flyer set (1 HEX) was developed in preparation for a 3-way lecture with Dániel Péter Biró, Bojana Cvejic and Theodor Barth. Title: Receptions of Spinoza. Text: Ethica. Reading (music): Nulla Res Singularis. The ...
  • Print Matters 

    Pettersson, Jan Stefan (Book, 2019)
    Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition "Print Matters - Contemporary Constituencies of print 2019" with teachers and students from the Department of Print & Drawing, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Grafiska ...
  • Dossier in relation to the project Amor Rojo (film, Part 1) 

    Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
    The figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), a Marxist theorist and October revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist at a time when those terms were not yet in use, is at the center of an experimental fiction ...
  • Anti-Matter (Non-Type) – An Artistic Research Project 

    Raein, Maziar (Research report, 2020)
    Contributions from Dr. Ane Thon Knutsen, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Ellmer Stefan, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Edwin Pickstone, Glasgow School of Art ; Helen Ingham, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.
  • MONO.DIO.POLI.META.LOGUE – An Artistic Research Project 

    Raein, Maziar (Research report, 2020)
    Contributions from Tale Næss, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo ; Martin Asbjørnsen, External Researchers & Programmers ; Alejandro Rojas, External Researchers & Programmers ; Michiel Jansen, MINERVA Hanse University Groningen of ...
  • Kretsløp skisser 

    Disen, Karen (Others, 2019)
    Karen Disen. Hva befinner seg i mine utviklingsprosjekter
  • Circuit I 

    Disen, Karen (Artistic production, 2019)
    Tegning vist på 15th International Print Triennial, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland, 29. september - 01. desember 2019.
  • Circuit II 

    Disen, Karen (Artistic production, 2019)
    Tegning vist på utstillingen Print Matters, Grafiska Sällskapet Stockholm, 23. november - 17. desember 2019.
  • Dancing Recurrences 

    Bandlien, Brynjar Åbel (Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    The collection of paper sheets that you are holding are the reflections of Dancing Recurrences – a performative practice within dance and dance-making. Dancing Recurrences, is an artistic research project by Brynjar Åbel ...
  • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Barth, Theodor; Remy, Samoa (Lecture, 2020)
    This public seminar expands on Ruth Pelzer-Montada's anthology of texts on contemporary printmaking to consider "the graphic matrix as a trace carrier, to enable an imprint of a visual recording of the trace onto the ...
  • Being with Spinoza 

    Barth, Theodor (HEX-base;, Artistic production, 2020-03)
    The flyer-series develops an experimental companionship with Spinoza's Ethics, under the conditions of the Corona pandemia (Spring 2020). On this backdrop a 'plateau-assemblage' of learning-outcomes and reflections on ...
  • Situating choreography 

    Barth, Theodor (Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]);, Dataset, 2020)
    Barth, Theodor. (2020). Situating choreography. Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]), rejoinder to Bojana Cvejic. (2015). Choreographing problems—Expressive concepts in European dance and performance. ...
  • [6 texts and pictorial essay in book, 2019] 

    Jonsbu, Tina (Book; Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    The texts in the book describe rather than conclude, and I have worked with them in a way similar to the way I relate to my other artistic works. Among other things the texts have a formal framework that has helped to ...
  • Skeleton Woman 

    Becker, Signe; Langgård, Ingvild (Artistic production; Video, 2020)
    Skeleton Woman er en del av Becker sin doktorgrad ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. SKELETON WOMAN Av Becker/Langgård Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival / Black Box teater / Kunstnernes Hus Av og med: Julie Solberg, Cecilie ...
  • Unge stemmer 

    Einarsson, Anna Elisabeth (Others, 2019)
    Et seminar om sangpedagogikk og anatomi. Seminaret passer for sangere, dirigenter og pedagoger, og er todelt: Fredag 8. november handler det om stemmeanatomi, utfordringer ved feilbelastning av stemmen og forholdet mellom ...
  • Formatet kan være tid, uten å være en tidslinje. Formatet kan være en strekning. Formatet kan være en strekning opplevd over tid 

    Jonsbu, Tina (Artistic production; Doctoral thesis, 2019)
    Tina Jonsbus doktorgradsarbeid "Strukturer for handling, strukturer for tanke" ble presentert i utstillingen "Formatet kan være tid, uten å være en tidslinje. Formatet kan være en strekning. Formatet kan være en strekning ...

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