Recent Submissions

  • Dead Time 

    Vonna-Michell, Tris (Artistic production, 2022)
    This KUF project evolved from teaching at KHiO and was partially funded by KUF and came together in the last year as the first photographic iterations resulting from the research phases. The research phases developed into ...
  • Walking Sonic Texts, Sound Poetry and Movement 

    Vonna-Michell, Tris (Artistic production, 2022)
    The Sonic Texts KUF project unfolded in various ways, and in some respects developed into outputs that were not necessarily anticipated but nonetheless still proved valuable in the evolution of the project. The core phase ...
  • If i could wish for something: A book of visual and text essays 

    Garcia, Dora (Book, 2021)
    In 1930, German film composer Friedrich Hollaender wrote “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte”, famously performed by Marlene Dietrich. It inspired the foundation of Dora García’s exhibition ‘If I Could Wish for Something’ ...
  • The hearing voices café/Lak café/Lahakmal community library 

    Garcia, Dora (Report, 2022)
    The Hearing Voices Café - Ten days of voices being heard / 21 - 30.01.2022: A project initiated by Dora García in collaboration with Jayampathi Guruge and many others. The Hearing Voices Café revolves primarily around ...
  • If I could wish for something (Amor Rojo film, part 2) 

    Garcia, Dora (Video, 2021)
    If I could wish for something is a documentary film, the second chapter (2020-2021) of the large project Amor Rojo (2018-2022), an archive research, writing and art film project walking the labyrinth of female freedom and ...
  • The hearing voices cafe paper: To hear oneself speak is maybe the minimal definition of consciousness 

    Garcia, Dora (Artistic production, 2022-01)
    As part of Colomboscope interdisciplinary arts festival. Hosted by Lak Cafe, Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo 7. From January 21st to January 30th 2022. All info on Colomboscope interdisciplinary arts festival: ...
  • The Biennial Form and the Narration of History: Thinking through “The Ghost Ship and the Sea Change" 

    Rosendahl, Lisa (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    Exhibitions are powerful tools for the staging of historical narratives. Since the 1960s, historiography through exhibition-making has undergone a re-conception through artistic and curatorial practice. Contemporary art ...
  • Other People’s Images 

    Jafri, Maryam (Image, 2021)
    An inquiry into the limits of using images by and of other people in today’s networked, socially-mediated landscape. The project aims to situate contemporary image culture at the intersection of art, law and ethics. The ...
  • Manifest 

    Guttu, Ane Hjort (Artistic production, 2021)
    Manifest handler om en kunstskole som på overflaten ser ut som et Institute of Fine Arts i et stort universitet. I hemmelighet opererer denne avdelingen imidlertid som en autonom, eksperimentell skole med egne regler for ...
  • Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo) 

    Garcia, Dora (Book, 2020)
    "This publication is published in conjunction with Dora García's exhibition Love With Obstacles, curated by Ruth Estévez at the Robert Art Museum, Brandels University, Waltham, Massachusets/USA, 13 February to 17 May 2020". ...
  • Rose Hammer 

    Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
    Dossier documenting the artistic research project "Pharmakos (The Plague) The Radical Flu", including images and articles written about the project.
  • Interruptions 

    Christensen, Jeannette (Artistic production, 2020)
    Interruptions, KODE3, Rasmus Meyers Samling, Bergen. Christensen, Jeannette (Artistic production, 2020) An intervention in the permanent presentation at Rasmus Meyer Collection. A continuation of my investigations ...
  • Scoring - a Workshop, text work and a film. 

    Holmkvist, Saskia (Research report, 2020)
    Scoring is a continuation and a revisit of a performative work called Procession Action Tour as part of a research and methodology of a circular process. Revisiting as a means of exhausting complex matters and taking care ...
  • Dossier in relation to the project Amor Rojo (film, Part 1) 

    Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
    The figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), a Marxist theorist and October revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist at a time when those terms were not yet in use, is at the center of an experimental fiction ...
  • Dog is Dog - a performance 

    Holmkvist, Saskia (Research report, 2019)
    Rapport fra prosjektet Dog is Dog (2017-2018) Prosjektet er støttet av KUF-utvalget ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
  • Procession Action Tour 

    Holmkvist, Saskia (Research report, 2019)
    Rapport fra prosjektet "Procession Action Tour". Prosjektet er støttet av KUF-utvalget ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.
  • No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle 

    Vonna-Michell, Tris Tristam Valentin (Artistic production; Book, 2019)
    The box set publication No more racing in circles – just pacing within lines of a rectangle is a reflection on the impact of performing several narrations during a concentrated timespan and the various approaches to ...
  • Army of Love 

    García, Dora (Artistic production, 2019)
    Army of Love is a performance, community and documentary film project born from a novel, "Complete Love" by German author Ingo Niermann. Army of Love aims at researching the possibility of Love as a common good, as a common* ...
  • Woman Interrupted 

    Christensen, Jeannette (Artistic production, 2018)
    Woman Interrupted (Hans, Meili, Razan, Magnus, video stills, 2018) Prosjektet Woman Interrupted ble presentert under KUF-uka på Kunstnernes Hus i januar 2019. Arbeidet baserer seg på maleriet Girl Interrupted at Her ...
  • On Reconciliation / Über Versöhnung 

    García, Dora; Tsutserova, Yuliya; Turpin, Etienne; Jensen, Adriano Wilfert; Asencio, Simon; Thor, Rebecka Katz; Mirkovic, Nikola; Springer, Anna-Sophie; Thomas, Mark (Book, 2018)
    A series of reflections on the correspondence between Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger from 1925 and 1975, as a means to think about moral responsibility, ethical indebtedness, and the role of intellectuals in times of ...

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