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    • The Treasure Hunt 

      Hammer, Jan Peter (Phd i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid - Avdeling Kunstakademiet;, Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      The artistic research project The Treasure Hunt is an speculative investigation into the reward-oriented logics of contemporary capitalism, where treasure refers to both the ‘cultural treasures’ of the art market and the ...
    • RHEME 

      Wisløff, Isak (Working paper; Design product; Learning object; Others, 2022-11-07)
      Literally a rheme (project title) defines a clause that gives information about the theme, but does not follow from the theme: e.g. it provides new information. In this project, we have let a selection of emoticons from ...
    • Et Kys på Sigt 

      Unknown author (Video, 2022)
      Et Kys paa Sigt Komisk Opera med Dans i én Akt. Rolleliste. Baronesse Vervelles - Ema Delac Jenny, hende Niece - Sofia Nesje Enger Derville, en ung Oberst - Jostein Fahre Phillip, hans Tjener - Johannes N. Aas Thibaut, ...
    • I Goethes værelse 

      Unknown author (Video, 2022)
      I Goethes Værelse Burleske i én Akt. Rolleliste: Heinrich Römpel, Regningsraad fra Leipzig - Johannes N. Aas Louise Römpel, hans Hustru - Ema Delac Rudolph, han Søn - Jostein Fahre Mathilde Richter - Helena ...
    • Dead Time 

      Vonna-Michell, Tris (Artistic production, 2022)
      This KUF project evolved from teaching at KHiO and was partially funded by KUF and came together in the last year as the first photographic iterations resulting from the research phases. The research phases developed into ...
    • Walking Sonic Texts, Sound Poetry and Movement 

      Vonna-Michell, Tris (Artistic production, 2022)
      The Sonic Texts KUF project unfolded in various ways, and in some respects developed into outputs that were not necessarily anticipated but nonetheless still proved valuable in the evolution of the project. The core phase ...
    • The wound in its entanglements 

      Graff, Ane (Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      Summary English: The artistic research project The Wound In Its Entanglements reflects upon the human body in its material entanglements, and centres around the following questions: What is touch within matter? How are ...
    • Toward a transindividual self: a study in social dramaturgy 

      Vujanović, Ana; Cvejić, Bojana (Book, 2022)
      A book that examines the process of performing the self, distinctive for the formation of the self in Western neoliberal societies in the 21st century. It approaches the self from a transdisciplinary angle where political ...
    • Dopamining 

      Wisløff, Isak (Report, 2022)
      Dopamining is a title constructed by combining two words. A noun and a verb. Dopamine and mining. Roughly thirty different raw materials make up a total of 149 grams, which is the weight of an iPhone 6. The materials ...
    • If i could wish for something: A book of visual and text essays 

      Garcia, Dora (Book, 2021)
      In 1930, German film composer Friedrich Hollaender wrote “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte”, famously performed by Marlene Dietrich. It inspired the foundation of Dora García’s exhibition ‘If I Could Wish for Something’ ...
    • PROTOCOLS for theorising (MA) 

      Barth, Theodor (Design product; Map; Learning object; Plan or blueprint; Video, 2022-08-03)
      The attached files feature a protocol in 3 facets featuring an immersive approach to investigations that MA students may benefit from in developing a personal line of investigation, yet communicating at a transpersonal and ...
    • ET PAF preparations 

      Barth, Theodor (Working paper; Preprint; Musical score, 2022-08-26)
      In preparation of interaction with MA students at the performing arts departments—starting with dance—the present piece features a scenario, in which a group of MA students in dance/choreography are nominated readers of a ...
    • Verdensveving 

      Lie, Lisa Charlotte Baudouin (Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      VERDENSVEVING - Hvordan åpne andre liv gjennom å dyrke liminale felles erfaringer med teknikker og innsikter fra krysningspunkt mellom magiske og kunstneriske praksiser. Og hvordan fremmane kollektive tankeformer som siden ...
    • Gjennom landskap 

      Schrøder, Tiril (Others, 2022)
    • An essay in several acts 

      Beldam, Benedicte (Masteroppgave i billedkunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt, Kunstakademiet, 2022
    • Try sneaking! 

      Carolina, Patricia (Masteroppgave i billedkunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt, Kunstakademiet, 2022.
    • Objektets inkontinens 

      Wimmer, Annalise (Masteroppgave i billedkunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt, Kunstakademiet, 2022
    • Small frames big horizons: grasping the fragments 

      Esquivel, Cirenia R. Escobedo (Masteroppgave i billedkunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt, Kunstakademiet, 2022.
    • Kunstakademiet MA Avgang 2022 - Soloutstillinger 

      Unknown author (Avgang 2022;, Image, 2022)
      Fotodokumentasjon fra utstillinger av avgangsstudenter ved Kunstakademiets sine masterprosjekt. Fotograf: Istvan Virag Studenter: Benedicte Beldam, Patricia Carolina, Tansiyu Chen, Henrik Follesø Egeland, Chloe Elgie, ...
    • Er det langt igjen?: landskap, elva, og avstanden mellom dem 

      Egeland, Henrik Egeland (Masteroppgave i billedkunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt, Kunstakademiet, 2022.