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    • A Place for Painting 

      Siqueland, Andreas (Doctoral thesis, 2013)
      For the past three years I have been a research fellow at The Academy of Fine Art through the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. This text accompanies the exhibition "A Box and a Picture" and the book "A Picture and ...
    • A Square on a Sphere 

      Johnslien, Marte; Skeide, Cecilie; Halland, Ingrid (Book, 2018)
      Bok utgitt til utstillingen med samme navn i Lillehammer kunstmuseum 20. oktober 2018 - 24. februar 2019. Arbeidene inngår i kunstnerens ph.d.-grad i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. I denne boken ...
    • A(ttention) Deficit Delight 

      Cohen, Yaniv (Masteroppgave Avdeling Dans;Koreografi, Master thesis, 2023)
      Problem statement In this MA reflection paper, I delve into my artistic exploration centered around ADHD and hypersensitivity as influential factors. The paper delves into the background of these themes and their profound ...
    • (ABOUT:BLANK) On The Subject Of Onto Unconscious Characteristics Of Screen Tools And Their Impact On Artistic Practice 

      Bang, Anders (Masteroppgave i billedkunst MA Kunstakademiet, Student paper, others, 2013)
      Skriftlig obligatorisk arbeid levert som del av MA avslutningsarbeid ved Kunstakademiet
    • Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat 

      Bergman, Aeron; Salinas, Alejandra (Visual arts, 2013-02-11)
      Gruppeutstilling. Samarbeidspartner: Alejandra Salinas. ABSTRACT YOUR SHIT IS Video loop and billboard. Eastside Projects, Birmingham UK Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat Curated by Maria Lind 6 October - 1 December ...
    • Abyssale spøkelser 

      Halsebakke, Hanna (Masteroppgave i Medium- og materialbasert kunst;, Master thesis, 2022)
      Skriftlig del av masterprosjekt. Avdeling Kunst og håndverk, 2022
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.01.29] 

      Ashford, Doug (Lecture, 2014)
      What we may know from abstract painting is that it deploys form in order to steal experience away from the present, showing perhaps that the experience of real things is often concealing their nature. If we could somehow ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.02.26] 

      Hjort Guttu, Ane (Lecture, 2014-02-26)
      AHG: You went out for fixed walks at night while your family slept. You had a family the entire time? C: Yes. I had kids when I was at the academy. (Pause.) I got to see a lot of painful things in my job. And I couldn’t ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.04.02]  

      Berardi Bifo, Franco (Lecture, 2014-04-02)
      «The financial Black Hole is swiftly dissipating the legacy of industrial labor and of the very structures of Modern civilization. Precariousness is spreading in the labor market, and in the very foundations of language, ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.05.07] 

      Watkins, Jonathan (Lecture, 2014)
      Ikon Director Jonathan Watkins gives an illustrated talk about his experiences as curator of the Iraqi Pavilion for the 2013 Venice Biennale. Having travelled extensively in Iraq, from the southern marshlands to Kurdistan, ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.09.03] 

      MYCKET; FRANK (Lecture, 2014-09-03)
      As the first Academy Lecture of the semester, FRANK has invited MYCKET in conversation about patriarchal walls, Trojan Horses and the body politics of The Club Scene. The conversational lecture will be happening in conjunction ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.09.05]  

      Misiano, Viktor (Lecture, 2014-09-05)
      Viktor Misiano is invited by Felix Gmelin to Oslo to discuss and investigate how we can describe ourselves and the world in what Russia’s President Putin describes as a multipolar society. Misiano was also interviewed by ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.10.01] 

      Ginwala, Natasha (Lecture, 2014-10-01)
      An illustrated talk that surveys the entanglements of scientific and aesthetic operations within processes of imperial expansion, knowledge-formation and the pursuit of collecting “the World as Image” in the nineteenth ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.10.08] 

      Condorelli, Celine (Lecture, 2014-10-08)
      Support Structures Céline Condorelli’s practice is concerned with how our encounter with the material world happens through counting on it, and the fact that all human action takes place amidst countless structures of ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.10.22]  

      Coburn, Tyler (Lecture, 2014-10-22)
      Tyler Coburn’s publication, «I’m that angel», explores the conditions of how we work on and against the computer, narrated from the perspective of a “content farmer”: an online journalist contracted to generate articles ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.11.06]  

      Holmqvist, Karl; Arakawa, Ei (Visual arts, 2014-11-06)
      As a part of Sofie Berntsen and Karl Holmqvist’s exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibition series «Rameau’s Nephews», this Academy Lecture dissolves into a performance, including the students Emma Brack, ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2014.11.19] 

      Verwoert, Jan (Lecture, 2014-11-19)
      The clan will not forget. The hunger, poverty and war the tribe lived through, is in our bones, still, as we walk the streets, eager to eat all we can, to die a bit more with every bite we take, and apologize to the dead ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2015.01.21]  

      Stevenson, Michael (Lecture, 2015-01-21)
      In every machine there is a ghost. Objects have secrets. Physics, economics and other theories of revolution investigate the hidden mysteries of the material world. José (Chuchú) de Jesús Martínez (1929-91) knew all of ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2015.02.11]  

      Buden, Boris (Lecture, 2015-02-11)
      History never repeats, but sometimes a comparison of two events, separated by decades, discloses remarkable similarities: the falling apart of a society along cultural divides, mobilization of the past in current struggles, ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2015.02.21] 

      Povinelli, Elizabeth (Lecture, 2015-02-21)
      In the 1960s a war broke out between the two French theorists Gilles Deleuze and Alain Badiou over the role of the philosopher and the procedures of truth, the nature of the event and the possibility of revolutionary ...