• A Place for Painting 

      Siqueland, Andreas (Doctoral thesis, 2013)
      For the past three years I have been a research fellow at The Academy of Fine Art through the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. This text accompanies the exhibition "A Box and a Picture" and the book "A Picture and ...
    • Autumn equinox celebration 

      Kølbæk Iversen, Marie (Visual arts, 2017)
      PS/Y’s Hysteria programme and LUX hosts an outdoor celebration of autumn equinox led by Danish artist Marie Kølbæk Iversen and accompanied by Diana Policarpo. The evening will be centred around the performance of magical ...
    • Bodily Life 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Two performances titled “The Bodily Life” during The 9th Norwegian Sculpture Biennial/ Norsk Skulpturbiennale 2017 (curated by Steffen Håndlykken).The performances took place June 18th and August 20th 2017 at the Vigeland ...
    • Conceptual Clusters 

      Kvam, Thomas (Visual arts, 2012-09-15)
      – Fra essayistikken og krysskoblingen mellom populærkultur og kulturkritikk i filmene Eurobeing og iGandhi – The Fog of Peace (the deleted scenes), til Kvams konseptuelle arbeider – tenkt som komprimerte generiske scener ...
    • Conversations. Appendix 

      Bugge, Liv (Ph.d. i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid - Avdeling Kunstakademiet, Doctoral thesis, 2018)
      Transcribed conversations and notes. 1. April 26, 2018 Transcribed conversation between Liv Bugge and Ingvil Hellstrand at Stavanger Kunsthall, after having a conversation with a fossil trilobite together with a group ...
    • Critical reflections on Space for Interference 

      Eeg-Tverbakk, Per Gunnar (Doctoral thesis, 2012)
      The reflections are based on observations and experiences I made during and after the completion of the individual curatorial projects. I am, therefore, writing in the capacity of a contributing observer, who is assessing ...
    • Electron Sea 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2016)
      Verket "Electron Sea" har blant annet blitt vist på Independent Brussels art fair 2016 og på galleriet 1857 i Oslo 19.- 25. august 2016.
    • Ex centric 

      Heier, Marianne (Doctoral thesis, 2013)
      Ex-Centric består av en serie miljøspesifikke intervensjoner produsert mellom 2007 og 2011 under Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid. I løpet av stipendiatperioden har Heier undersøkt, diskutert og utviklet sin egen ...
    • Instructions to Make Use of an Already Present Itch 

      Bugge, Liv (Ph.d. i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid - Avdeling Kunstakademiet, Doctoral thesis, 2018)
      The speculation in the film The Other Wild is spun further in the sound installation Instructions to Make Use of an Already Present Itch (15 min): voices tell about their meeting with a fossil of a trilobite, an extinct ...
    • Kunst og frihet: Tekstdel 

      Guttu, Ane Hjort (Doctoral thesis, 2013)
      Jeg har valgt å levere tekstdelen av mitt stipendiatprosjekt i form av fire essays. Her ser jeg grundig på noen utvalgte arbeider for å belyse hvordan konkrete estetiske valg i hvert enkelt prosjekt er forbundet med større ...
    • Library for A-Scientific Film 2012–2015. Reflection 

      Bunte, Andreas (Doctoral thesis, 2016-05-10)
      In the artistic research project Library for A-Scientific Film I explored the ‘genre’ of Scientific Research Film (SRF) as a format for artistic film production. My research focussed on SRF as established by the German ...
    • Library for A-Scientific Film. Disputas 

      Bunte, Andreas (Doctoral thesis, 2016)
    • Mattering Waves 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Solo exhibition at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, US, February 28 - April 22 2017. A collaboration between Elizabeth Dee Gallery, the Norwegian exhibition space Entrée and Independent. In "Mattering Waves" Ane Graff ...
    • Mediating Uncertainties 

      Eliassen, Sara (Doctoral thesis, 2023)
      The artistic research project Mediating Uncertainties reflects upon the crucial role images, media narratives and propagated histories play in naturalizing processes of dominant ideologies— in order to ask what modes of ...
    • Mineral Breath, Metal Mouth 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2016)
      Verket Mineral Breath, Metal Mouth ble vist på 11th Gwangju Biennale. The Eight Climate (What Does Art Do?) 02. september - 02. november 2016.
    • Neo-worlds: Transformative Agency through Fright, Rite, and Myth 

      Iversen, Marie Kølbæk (Doctoral thesis, 2023)
      This practiced-based artistic research project traces the power of rite and of active mythic thinking to resignify modern experiences of fright, from barren and isolating experiences to potential sources of learning and ...
    • Project description. The Other Wild: touching art as confrontation 

      Bugge, Liv (Other type of report, 2018)
      The Other Wild interrogates internalized normative structures that harness and govern life as well as non-life, and examines ways in which these structures incorporate exclusion and demonization of states of body and mind. ...
    • Pulp Philosophy (The Film Machine/Conceptual Clusters) 

      Kvam, Thomas (Doctoral thesis, 2014-09-05)
      Kan kunst og forskning forenes? Dette er ett av spørsmålene som står sentralt i Thomas Kvams stipendiatprosjekt Pulp Philosopy (The Film Machine /Conceptual Clusters). Som tittelen hentyder tok stipendiatprosjektet et ...
    • Space for interference 

      Eeg-Tverbakk, Per Gunnar; Jakobsen, Kjetil A. (Journal article, 2011-06)
      The article aims to show that the theory of open and autopoietic systems may be applied in such a way as to transcend the sterile opposition between autonomy aesthetics and culturalism. A theory of contemporary and modern ...
    • Staging dislocation: Notes on finished and unfinished work 

      Alvær, Jesper (Journal article, 2014)
      Artikkel publisert i tidsskriftet "Vector - Critical Research in Context". Tidsskriftet utkommer årlig. Tittel på 2014-utgivelsen: "Critical Theories and Creative Practices of Research." Redaktør: Catalin Gheorge. Utgitt ...