• the COVID19 estate 

      Barth, Theodor (Design, 21-09-29)
      The present series of 6 flyers (1HEX) springs from some elementary musings on Samuel Beckett’s QUAD, in this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPJBIvv13Bc The question asked is: how does the QUAD—considered ...
    • Letter from Romsås 

      Barth, Theodor (Working paper, 2009-11-11)
      Report on the SRVD project at Romsås in 2009. Letter addressed to the inabitants of Romsås. Student project. Nicolas Bourriaud’s and Sinziana Ravini’s visit and reading from The Radicant (2009, Sternberg) at the section ...
    • Travelogue—On contemporary understandings of citizenship among European Jews 

      Barth, Theodor (Doctoral thesis, 2010-02)
      Dr. Philos.—Thesis A short version of the argument in the thesis is given in a flyer series #01-#06 Fredrik Barth. Prof. Fredrik Barth was the main supervisor during the fieldwork and for the present thesis. _________ ...
    • Interceptions[at]centre_pompidou 

      Barth, Theodor (Other type of report, 2011-02)
      Archive-documentary of 1 year collaborative project between the Norwegian Academy of Music (composers and performers) NMH and KHiO (MA design dept.), with a dress rehearsal at the Munch Museum. Year: 2010, Published: 2011. ...
    • Commons in Transit 

      Barth, Theodor (Research report, 2015-12-15)
    • Bøkenes hamskifte : en husvandring i Deichmanske biblioteks hovedfilial 

      Lundell, Martin Egge; Barth, Theodor; Thorsen, Oddvar (Book, 2016)
      Med fotografier av Steffen Kørner og forord av Ellef Prestsæter.
    • KYOTObook. A research portfolio 

      Barth, Theodor (Research report, 2018)
      The present volume is a small part of a larger research activity conducted by the editor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). As the physical volume its precedents are 1) interceptions[at]centre_pompidou (2011), a ...
    • Session 7: In dialogue with 

      Guttu, Ane Hjort; Frank, Rike; Lid, Tore Vagn; Barth, Theodor; Gmelin, Felix; Iunker, Finn; Lossius, Trond (Lecture, 2018)
      Part 1: Ane Hjort Guttu in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 2: Tore Vagn Lid in dialogue with Theodor Barth Part 3: Felix Gmelin in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 4: Finn Iunker in dialogue with Trond Lossius Time: ...
    • FormAkademisk. Tema: Tegning 

      Asbjørnsen, Martin; Passero, Patí; Sprovin, Mathilde; Heggvold, Janne; Vogt, Stine; Montarou, Christian; Kramer, Hilde; Bjerke, Mona Pahle; Loly, Carsten; Christensen, Jeannette; Austbø, Anne Marit; Jonsbu, Tina; Gerstlauer, Rolf; Dokken, Siri; Lund, Lotte Konow; Bandlien, Brynjar; Graff, Ane; Iversen, Thomas; Schmidt, Franz; Ruud, Vigdis; Bræin, Kirsti; Ellmer, Stefan; Knutsen, Ane Thon; Raein, Maziar; Barth, Theodor; Reitan, Janne; Disen, Karen; Berg, Arild; Frisch, Nina Scott; Brænne, Karen (Journal article, 2018-10-10)
      Temanummer gitt ut i forbindelse med 200-årsjubileet til Tegneskolen ved KHiO, 10.10.2018. Det kommer ut digitalt på formakademisk.no og som fysisk avis. (Tospråklig, engelsk/norsk). Sjefsredaktør: Janne Reitan ...

      Barth, Theodor (Conference lecture, 2019-09-06)
      EAA (European Archaeological Association) THE CALL (Session #369); chair—Vincent Paladino): This session shall examine the relationship between material culture and rhythms, from visual art to music in an attempt to ...

      Barth, Theodor (Conference lecture, 2019-09-07)
      EAA (European Archaeological Association) Session #366—Chair: Paul Bouissac PREAMBLE—when I use the term ‘post-historical’ it is not in the sense of postmodern theory, but in the sense of Fredrik Barth (my mentor in ...
    • The Graphic Matrix as a Trace Carrier 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena; Barth, Theodor; Remy, Samoa (Lecture, 2020)
      This public seminar expands on Ruth Pelzer-Montada's anthology of texts on contemporary printmaking to consider "the graphic matrix as a trace carrier, to enable an imprint of a visual recording of the trace onto the ...
    • Situating choreography 

      Barth, Theodor (Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]);, Dataset, 2020)
      Barth, Theodor. (2020). Situating choreography. Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]), rejoinder to Bojana Cvejic. (2015). Choreographing problems—Expressive concepts in European dance and performance. ...
    • A North way 

      Barth, Theodor (Design, 2020-01-01)
      Arbeidet utforsker to eksempler på summering av erfaringer i design programmer—Norman Potter og Stefan Sagmeister—begrenset til 20 punkter (ett snes). Dokumentet utforsker også grunnleggende prinsipper i ‘nullstilling’: ...
    • The Matrix Walk 

      Barth, Theodor (The Matrix Walk;, Dataset, 2020-02)
    • Being with Spinoza 

      Barth, Theodor (HEX-base;, Visual arts, 2020-03)
      The flyer-series develops an experimental companionship with Spinoza's Ethics, under the conditions of the Corona pandemia (Spring 2020). On this backdrop a 'plateau-assemblage' of learning-outcomes and reflections on ...
    • Ethical Receptions 

      Barth, Theodor (Visual arts, 2020-05-18)
      The flyer set (1 HEX) was developed in preparation for a 3-way lecture with Dániel Péter Biró, Bojana Cvejic and Theodor Barth. Title: Receptions of Spinoza. Text: Ethica. Reading (music): Nulla Res Singularis. The ...
    • Spatial Workstation 

      Barth, Theodor (Design, 2020-06-18)
      The flyer-series seeks to expand the Klein's group—as referred to by Rosalind Krauss (1979)—in the area of asymmetric interaction in various domains: communication, transaction, strategy and embodiment as an aspect of ...
    • Summer KUF 2020 

      Barth, Theodor (Design, 2020-07-23)
      [WALKABOUT: click file NAVIGATION EXHIBIT] En serie som—i 6 trinn—utforsker konsekvenser av å se geometri som landmåling (ubegrenset av geometrien som et isolert sett av grunnsats og beviser). Hensikten med å unne seg en ...
    • Telle 

      Barth, Theodor (Design, 2020-07-26)
      [WALKABOUT: click file NAVIGATION EXHIBIT] En serie som—i 6 trinn—utforsker telling i aspekter som rommer en indre spenning: 1) handlingen helt mekanisk å telle og 2) vurderingen som ligger til grunn for at noe teller (og ...