• Bodily Life 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Two performances titled “The Bodily Life” during The 9th Norwegian Sculpture Biennial/ Norsk Skulpturbiennale 2017 (curated by Steffen Håndlykken).The performances took place June 18th and August 20th 2017 at the Vigeland ...
    • Electron Sea 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2016)
      Verket "Electron Sea" har blant annet blitt vist på Independent Brussels art fair 2016 og på galleriet 1857 i Oslo 19.- 25. august 2016.
    • Mattering Waves 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Solo exhibition at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, US, February 28 - April 22 2017. A collaboration between Elizabeth Dee Gallery, the Norwegian exhibition space Entrée and Independent. In "Mattering Waves" Ane Graff ...
    • Mineral Breath, Metal Mouth 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2016)
      Verket Mineral Breath, Metal Mouth ble vist på 11th Gwangju Biennale. The Eight Climate (What Does Art Do?) 02. september - 02. november 2016.

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Deltakelse på gruppeutstillingen UUMMANNARSUAQ med skulpturene "Red Tide" og "Bedrock Imagery". Øvrige kunstnere: Tora Dalseng, Anthea Hamilton, Deanna Havas & Shane Munro, Bedwyr Williams. Sted: 1857, Oslo. Tidspunkt: ...
    • What Oscillates 

      Graff, Ane (Visual arts, 2017)
      Skulptur. Del av utstillingen "Myths of the Marble". Vist på Henie Onstad kunstsenter 03. februar - 02. april 2017 og på Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania (ICA) 28. april - 06. august 2017.
    • The wound in its entanglements 

      Graff, Ane (Doctoral thesis, 2022)
      Summary English: The artistic research project The Wound In Its Entanglements reflects upon the human body in its material entanglements, and centres around the following questions: What is touch within matter? How are ...