• Dossier in relation to the project Amor Rojo (film, Part 1) 

      Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
      The figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), a Marxist theorist and October revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist at a time when those terms were not yet in use, is at the center of an experimental fiction ...
    • Formats of the findings in artistic research: exposition/transposition 

      Schwab, Michael; Lossius, Trond; Barth, Theodor; Garcia, Dora; Šušteršič, Apolonija; Mortensen, Jørn (Conference object; Video, 2019)
      Since the introduction of "artistic research" as an institutionalised concept both within the practice field and in the university and higher education sector (the academic field), there have been discussions about formats ...
    • Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo) 

      Garcia, Dora (Book, 2020)
      "This publication is published in conjunction with Dora García's exhibition Love With Obstacles, curated by Ruth Estévez at the Robert Art Museum, Brandels University, Waltham, Massachusets/USA, 13 February to 17 May 2020". ...
    • NOKDU Bookstore for the Living and the Dead 

      Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2016)
      There are places that function as a knot, a knot where an infinite number of events, history flows, narrative lines, life stories, ideas, desires, sorrows, positions, memories, longings, collide; collide as in a knot. They ...
    • Rose Hammer 

      Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2020)
      Dossier documenting the artistic research project "Pharmakos (The Plague) The Radical Flu", including images and articles written about the project.
    • The Sinthome Score 

      Garcia, Dora (Artistic production; Others, 2016)
      The Sinthome Score is a performance project concieved for a museum context. It consists of two elements: a performance designed for two or more performers, and a score describing and directing the elements of the performance, ...
    • Viva Voce: Jesper Alvær 

      Alvær, Jesper (Video, 2017-10)
      The project Work, work: Staging dislocation in artistic and non artistic labour explores shifts in the conventions regulating artistic labour in the expanded field of art, responding to the radical shifts in artistic ...