• [Academy Lectures 2014.11.19] 

      Verwoert, Jan (Lecture, 2014-11-19)
      The clan will not forget. The hunger, poverty and war the tribe lived through, is in our bones, still, as we walk the streets, eager to eat all we can, to die a bit more with every bite we take, and apologize to the dead ...
    • [Academy Lectures 2016.03.20] 

      Graff, Ane; Verwoert, Jan (Lecture, 2016-03-20)
      A material is always the ghost of itself; in the sense that it embodies its own multiple temporalities. Its past, present and future intertwine in what presents itself to us as an integrated whole, an opaque and static ...
    • [Academy Lectures, 2013.10.16]   

      Verwoert, Jan (Lecture, 2013-10-16)
      Impressionists recognized the retina as a skin best exposed to outside light. The Nabis painters took the eyes from the fields back into the salon and watched people blend in with the wallpaper and bodies emerge from ...
    • [Åpent Forum 2006.10.22] 

      Verwoert, Jan (Lecture, 2006-10-22)
      Forelesning av Jan Verwoert