• KALEID 2016 Oslo. The Field of Distribution 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena; Campell, Nancy (Journal article, 2016-06-01)
      Victoria Browne speaks to Nancy Campbell about KALEID editions, an initiative that represents books by Europe-based artists at art book fairs and through advocacy with museum special collections.
    • Negotiating Narrative Identity in Intercultural Context - the Role of Applied Theatre 

      Haraldsen, Heidi; Ingul, Siri Linde (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017)
    • Staging dislocation: Notes on finished and unfinished work 

      Alvær, Jesper (Journal article, 2014)
      Artikkel publisert i tidsskriftet "Vector - Critical Research in Context". Tidsskriftet utkommer årlig. Tittel på 2014-utgivelsen: "Critical Theories and Creative Practices of Research." Redaktør: Catalin Gheorge. Utgitt ...
    • Striper - sett i lys av Schillers ideer om menneskets grunndrifter i form 

      Disen, Karen; Berg, Arild (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      Striper blir i denne studien undersøkt gjennom Friedrich Schillers konsepter om menneskets tre grunndrifter i form; formdrift, stoffdrift og lekedrift. Schillers teoretiske begreper brukes til å fokusere på forskning om ...
    • Three Incidents at the Border of Genre 

      Grøgaard, Stian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
      From a perspective of conceptual economy, rather than the specialized literature on genre, this text discusses what genre divisions can do when applied to cultural artifacts compared to other forms of classification or ...