• Formats of the findings in artistic research: exposition/transposition 

      Schwab, Michael; Lossius, Trond; Barth, Theodor; Garcia, Dora; Šušteršič, Apolonija; Mortensen, Jørn (Lecture, 2019)
      Since the introduction of "artistic research" as an institutionalised concept both within the practice field and in the university and higher education sector (the academic field), there have been discussions about formats ...
    • Frances Robertson and Edwin Pickstone: Common Craft | Philippa Lyon, Duncan Bullen and Jane Fox: Touching the World Lightly 

      Robertson, Frances; Pickstone, Edwin; Lyon, Philippa; Bullen, Duncan; Fox, Jane (Lecture, 2019)
      Frances Robertson and Edwin Pickstone: Common Craft. Lecture Time: 14:30–15:00 Venue: Main Auditorium Philippa Lyon, Duncan Bullen and Jane Fox: Touching the World Lightly Lecture Time: 15:00–15:30 Venue: Main Auditorium
    • Learning Art 

      Haugland, Anne Gry (Lecture, 2019)
      The presentation will describe and discuss a recently initiated research project at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The project is called Learning Art (in Danish: Kunst og læring), and it consists of four Ph.D.-projects ...
    • Peer to peer 

      Kauppila, Toni; Bræin, Kirsti; Verheijden, Bob; Lie, Lisa; Guttormsen, Itonje Søimer; Graff, Ane; Guttu, Ane Hjort; Björkman, Sofia; Navarrete, Jorge Manilla (Lecture, 2019)
      Four artists and professionals engaged at Oslo National Academy of the Arts have been challenged to invite a peer/colleague to a dialogue about their practice. Based on previous years' experience at the Artistic Research ...
    • Reconsidering Rave 

      Gadir, Tami (Lecture, 2019)
      Fans of electronic dance music often speak in terms of "PLUR" (peace, love, unity, respect) to describe their favourite scenes. In this presentation, Tami Gadir will address such claims in relation to her forthcoming book, ...
    • The Art of Research: 2nd and 3rd Cycle Degrees. Advancing Practice or What Happens Next? 

      Payne, Alistair (Lecture, 2019)
      The presentation will be in two parts, firstly focusing upon the movement and distinction between 2nd and 3rd cycle awards within artistic institutions/academies. This will present possibilities and differences between the ...
    • Towards a design criticism 

      Bandlien, Charlotte Bik; Hammer, Erlend (Lecture, 2019)
      My starting point is that art criticism is in need of new optics, and that an anthropological approach must be integrated to complement the established art historical and critical-theory-informed approach. The advantage ...