PhD project: Choreography as modes of displacement and dissemination

My research project will explore practices of displacement and disseminations in physical, artistic and social realms. As an artist I am dedicated to the cross-over and inter-pollination between research processes and artistic protocols. More specifically, I aim to explore and experiment to find out what research can lead to fruitful research and creative process.
My artistic research PhD stems from my artistic practice. My aim is to affirm dance and movement, and to experiment with choreography as a modus operandi in relation to voice, language, sound, and the moving image. My artistic research proposal is to create new forms and formats of presentations that will reactivate my own artistic works of the past, as well as other historical archives.

In relation to my most recent works, through my PhD research I propose to develop further the monument series by creating performances and performative exhibitions that draw on art and dance history, and beyond, with the hope to generate new perspectives on choreography and society. The research will employ notions of archaeology and the archive, empirical and speculative modes of producing knowledge and historicity through embodiment techniques and modes of reactivations of the (artistic and historical) past.

I will share the thinking and practical research entailed in my research project in workshops and laboratories at the Department of Dance, as well as through cross-disciplinary exchange at KHiO.

My research is centred around the following questions:
What means can animate a choreographic archive as a source of dissemination of knowledge?
What affect can be produced in and outside of the body through the embodiment of archive images of social and political movements?
In what way can choreography create a hybrid zone between performance, documentation and fiction?

These questions will be investigated through the themes of my research and artistic processes along with the theoretical reflections resulting in three group performances, as well as three main dissemination events accompanying my artistic findings consisting of a conference, a seminar, and a book.

I will produce one large scale and two group pieces within my research project. They will be two-folded. They will focus on my own artistic archive and its reactivation, and also on historical archives of public demonstrations of women’s movements. These works will be presented internationally in theatres, festivals and museums from 2020 to 2022.