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dc.contributor.authorBugge, Liv
dc.descriptionFilm (20 min). Part of Liv Bugge's exhibition The Other Wild, at Interkulturelt Museum, Oslo 15.11.18 - 16.12.18, and her PhD project The Other Wild: Touching Art as Confrontation.nb_NO
dc.description.abstractLiv Bugge has worked in cooperation with the imprisoned in Oslo, Ullersmo, and Eidsberg prisons. With the incarceration, the prisoners lose the ability to move freely, and they temporarily disappeare from society. The societal structure renders them invisible, removes them from the streets, internet and their homes. Bugge’s work at the prisons examines how the incarcerated body nonetheless expresses itself despite this invisibility. The incarcerated body draws itself into the walls, creates opposition to time, the power structure, and routine. The routines are both a blessing and a curse. They keep the day in order, but the inability to decide one’s daily routine is a punishment. The film To accept theirs, to make it mine, to wish it for myself (20 min) is the result of a workshop where the inmates, together with Liv Bugge and dancer Brynjar Åbel Bandlien investigated how the prison’s daily routines inscribe themselves on the inmate’s bodies; how the body is in the cell, how one walks in the prison yard, how one eats or doesn’t eat. The routines also create the possibility of doing these things slightly different, in one’s own way, and in this manifests one’s own existence and freedom. It is the expression of this resistance that Bugge and the inmates have worked on in the project. The film is a part of a larger, public artwork To accept theirs, to make it mine, to wish it for myself, created in cooperation with KORO for Ullersmo and Eidsberg prisons.nb_NO
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPh.d. i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid - Avdeling Kunstakademiet
dc.titleTo accept theirs, to make it mine, to wish it for myself [Film]nb_NO
dc.typeArtistic productionnb_NO
dc.typeDoctoral thesisnb_NO

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  • Bugge, Liv [8]
    Stipendiat ved Avdeling Kunstakademiet 2013-2019

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