PhD-project: Choreography as a meaning-generating aggregate (2019-)
The focus of my research project is to examine choreography as an aggregate which can stimulate and challenge the understanding of the body alongside being an incentive to language. By placing the body in the centre, I want to highlight its capacity as an active meaning-generating apparatus other than language. My research draws on the interdisciplinary field of New Materialism in which the material, the bodily fleshiness and the discursive-linguistic, are thought together. Linking its theories to my choreographic work I want to stress that meaning is something that can be sensed and something that not only operates through the medium of language. A feeling of coherency can give an experience of meaning, though it is not yet translated to language. Living in a time when things are valued through their efficiency and functionality, meaning is often reduced to information bound to language. Through creating choreographic methods and in extension choreographic work, I will in this research project materialize ideas and expand their possibility of expression to penetrate the habit of sensing and perceiving. Working with choreography and dance, I see this as one of their main capabilities. To bore through habitual veils of perception, to maintain something persistently in order to make a slight shift in how one understands things.