Oslo International Acting Festival (OIAF) is an international arena for artistic research and development on acting methods, aesthetics and performative approaches. The festival is organized by The Academy of Theatre, Oslo National Academy of The Arts and The Norwegian Actors’ Center. OIAF aims to raise awareness about methods, aesthetics and forms of the arts of acting and performance, nationally and internationally. We wish for a flexible arena where different academic groups, collectives of artists, performers, students and professionals meet and exchange experiences, differences and practical knowledge, working on active research for innovation. We would like to bring together the best educators in the field, and explore the nature and future of the art of acting. We would like to look closely into various artistic and pedagogical processes and methods, in order to make visible different forms of acting aesthetics. We would like to problematize and discuss ethical and ideological challenges associated with the art of acting. The 2012 festival’s theme was “Techniques and Methods”, 2013 “The Audience”, and 2015 “Nordic Profiles”. OIAF takes place during a full week, with workshops, readings, small performances, conferences and debates. The morning panels and debates are open to every festival’s participant. Afternoon’s sessions are organized in form of workshops. Each workshop is open to max 16 participants. It’s not permitted to change workshop during the festival week. Observers are allowed to the festival. Observers can move freely between workshops. However observers are not permitted to take active part in the workshops’ activities. Other events such as shows, performances and artists talks take place in some of the festival’s evenings.

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Recent Submissions

  • Oslo International Acting Festival 2012. Theme: Techniques and Methods 

    Henriksen, Hans; Petit, Leonard; Thom, Alison Sarah; Stumpf, Berit; Setrakian, Ed; Fuhrmann, Harald; Keller, Michael; Ely, Karmenlara; Stene, Øystein; Iumiento, Gianluca (Video, 2012-06)
    The 2012 Oslo International Acting Festival had focus on a confrontation between the System of Constantin Stanislavsky – used in the school as the main pedagogical approach – with other German and American acting traditions. ...
  • Oslo International Acting Festival 2013. Theme: The Audience 

    Chetouane, Laurent; Schechner, Richard; Mendoza, Gisella; Bökkelmann, Veronika; Stene, Øystein; Iumiento, Gianluca (Video, 2013-06)
    In 2013 the festival’s theme was “the audience”. The festival tried to question, problematize, explore and research performance approaches and acting techniques related to the audience: What happens when the audience is ...
  • Oslo International Acting Festival 2015. Theme: Nordic Profiles 

    Nordin, Per; Ely, Karmenlara; Eeg-Tverrbakk, Camilla; Sandquist, Ville; Lid, Tore Vagn; Stene, Øystein; Iumiento, Gianluca (Video, 2015-08)
    Oslo International Acting Festivals theme this year is Nordic Profiles – teachers and stage performers who in various ways reflects Nordic diversity of performative strategies and acting techniques. Both new and more ...