Stipendiatprosjekt: Neo-worlds: the transformative potentialities of fright (2017-)
My project focuses on future-led practices around fright on individual and cultural levels, and importantly does so from the point of view of knowledge forms that have been subjugated by value systems and power structures historically involved in perpetuating a culture of fear. Recovering and learning strategies to approximate fright, I argue, is crucial to confronting ‘ends of the world.’ I explore fright as transformative and visionary potential trough a triangulation of sci-fi, feminism, and shamanism, and do so in dialogue with anthropological theory regarding ritualistic liminality and the female shamans of the Amazonian Yawanawá tribe: Modern subjects, who have re-situated their cultural identity by critically appropriating fading ancestral knowledge and exerting a level of violence to its traditions and doctrines. Artistically fright’s visionary potential will be used as ‘image generator’ forming the basis for sci-fi visionary artworks that I will make at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art: Films, drawings, pottery, tapestries. I call them sci-fi since they deal with (past,) future and alien technologies, cf. Ursula K. Le Guin’s definition of technology as "the active human interface with the material world," and because, following this definition, shamanist rituals might (also) be that: technologies. The project is a collaboration between the Oslo Academy of Fine Art and AURA at Aarhus University.

Recent Submissions

  • Water from the Waist Down 

    Kølbæk Iversen, Marie (Artistic production, 2018)
    A ritualistic event combining the film Star Messenger by Danish artist Marie Kølbæk Iversen with a percussion performance by Diana Policarpo (Lisbon) and Other Ways, a series of sculptures by Gaia Fugazza (Milan) which are ...
  • Autumn equinox celebration 

    Kølbæk Iversen, Marie (Artistic production; Image, 2017)
    PS/Y’s Hysteria programme and LUX hosts an outdoor celebration of autumn equinox led by Danish artist Marie Kølbæk Iversen and accompanied by Diana Policarpo. The evening will be centred around the performance of magical ...