Stipendiatprosjekt: Writings in space and time
During a three-year period of the fellowship I want to address the role of language and the form of writing in my work. The research will be organised in chapters covering different interests that run through and appear in the different works. I will set up the research as a cumulative process, making several smaller works and presentations and two regular pieces during the fellowship. Presentations will take place within the school, in theatres and other venues, in order to maintain the continuity of the practice and to exchange within the framework of the school. I will write the reflection on the work in the form of a novel, making it into a work in itself, and make a final presentation of the research in the end.

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  • Session 1: Research fellows from the Academy of Dance 

    Fiksdal, Ingri; Bandlien, Brynjar Åbel; Edvardsen, Mette; Lyster, Janne-Camilla; Parkinson, Chrysa (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Chrysa Parkinson, Professor of New Performative Practices (MA) at Stockholm University of the Arts (department of Dance), in conversation with the four research fellows at KHiO’s Academy of Dance – Ingri Fiksdal, Janne-Camilla ...