PhD-project: Recurrences -a method and practice within dance and choreography (2016-)
My project aims to develop a method and approach that I have been working on over the last ten years. This method can be used in artistic practices and artistic research processes within the field of dance and choreography.

When a creative process has become fully underway, certain situations, events, actions, movements and states can be recognized as recurrent within the process. I call these Recurrences. Rather than being created or produced these recurrences manifest or fall out of the dance practice. Once they have been recognized they can be understood and pursued in the process and the final performance.

The artistic aim is to follow, participate and co-create in artistic processes in this way, seeking the potential for new experiences and ideas as well as to develop the methodology based on the practice. This aim is founded on my own experience and research as a creative dancer in the work of internationally acknowledged choreographers and dance makers over the last fifteen years.

My research questions:
How can the method of recurrences become a way of implicitly understand an artistic work?
How can working with recurrences become a practice and an artistic work in and of itself?

My research is initiated by recent developments in the field of dance and choreography, and the method has been present in artistic processes in which I have participated over the last decade. Starting from practice and from there moving on to analysis, I approach recurrences both as a practice and as a method because within dance and choreography the mind and body are inseparable.

Recent Submissions

  • Session 1: Research fellows from the Academy of Dance 

    Fiksdal, Ingri; Bandlien, Brynjar Åbel; Edvardsen, Mette; Lyster, Janne-Camilla; Parkinson, Chrysa (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Chrysa Parkinson, Professor of New Performative Practices (MA) at Stockholm University of the Arts (department of Dance), in conversation with the four research fellows at KHiO’s Academy of Dance – Ingri Fiksdal, Janne-Camilla ...