PhD-project: 1:100 - the performative hybrid text as a feedback loop (2015-2020)

This PhD project has at its center playwriting – in the widest understanding of the word.
In my research, I have wanted to expose writing as a happening. To propose that the performative text itself is an event, not just a passive container of narration.
My main research question has been: How can a performative text expose, or reveal, both the ethical tensions and the ties between individuals and society? It is through the praxis of writing itself that the question has been explored.
I have asked myself: what mission am I on when I am writing?
Where do I go to find my material?
What and who am I writing for?
I felt there was an ethical tension between how I perceived the world and what I was writing. I needed to find a way to take in the world in a new way, and to respond to it. I felt a need to push myself. To go beyond my private sphere. To mingle. To collaborate. And I found that the best way for me to expose the ties and tensions between individual and society was through performative hybrid forms.
I started to look at language based playwriting strategies and writing processes that entailed collective work. Through this, I developed and expanded both my understanding of what playwriting is and my methodology. At the base of this endeavor was theory by Paul C. Castagno and Hans-Thies Lehmann.
Through my research, I started to ask not who am I addressing, but what is addressing me? This brought about a new ethical understanding as well as new methods and aesthetics. It made me more perceptive to the world as “pure” experience. As a shared place. Not something for me to interpret, but something to experience and respond to. In my research I have wanted to create a feedback loop between me and the world through playwriting. To create a feedback loop in the widest sense, where I strive, if possible, to make the creative process visible in the work itself. Due to that, I have also sought to include myself in the work.
I have sought out methods and aesthetics based on the ethics of reciprocity, where I try to see myself as “the other”, making way for texts as containers for a multitude of voices. I have looked for polyvocality through the assemblage of text modules that represent different aesthetics and world views. Creating text-conglomerates where one text feeds into the other in systems that are flexible, and where the parts can even exchangeable. Where composition is king, but at the same time a part of the process. In my research, I have written plays, audio plays, monologues, librettos and written texts for on-site projects and immersive sound projects.
I have written a series of reflective texts: Essays, deliberations, presentations and articles. And I have tried to introduce the hybrid form in the reflective texts that I have written. In my essays, my meta-reflection and in a series of metalogues.
You will find the whole material and some documentation on this webpage:

The texts are also gathered in three compilations (three pdf´s)

The committee: Camilla Eeg-Tverrbak, professor of theatre at OsloMet and visiting professor at Lund University, Scott Rettberg, professor of digital culture at University in Bergen, Claes Peter Hellwig, professor in creative processes in performing arts.
Supervisors: Jesper Halle, professor in playwrighting at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Anne Gry Haugland associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and actor and director Cecilie Mosli.

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