• Art Writing - Artists' Books 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2015-11-17)
      Lecture at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, November 17th 2015.
    • Artists' Publishing at the Charles Nypels Lab 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Other type of report, 2018-02)
      A four day workshop at the Charles Nypels Lab, for KhiO students, staff and researchers to print and publish their artists' books. The Jan Van Eyck Academie is a post-academic institute for research and production in the ...
    • Artists' Publishing Photobooks: Christian Tunge 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2020)
      "Photography is about perspective, challenging the images we take for granted as effective mediators and representations of our sensory experiences and memories.” In 2020 Christian Tunge and Behzad Farazollahi collaborated ...
    • Artists' Publishing Photobooks: Gösta Flemming 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2021)
      Gösta Flemming is an editor, designer, publisher and writer based in Sweden. In 1991 he founded the photo book publisher Journal, leading to the international dissemination of over one hundred and sixty titles. Current ...
    • Artists’ Books in a Post-Digital Age 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2017)
      Victoria Browne is Associate Professor of Print and Publishing at KHiO, and the Director of KALEID editions, an artist’s run project that represented over five hundred European-based artists’ books between 2009-2016. Her ...
    • Beyond the Chapter - The 5th Shanghai Intaglio Exhibition 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2017)
      Su Yansheng, Curator, Director and Professor of the Department of Painting, Fine Art School, Shanghai Normal University. The cultural construction of the digital age has brought about rapid changes in contemporary art. ...
    • Come to the forest to visit me 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2015)
      Participation at the exhibition "Summer Salon", Angus Hughes Gallery, London, August 14th - September 09th, 2015. The 2015 Summer Salon was the first annual summer open door exhibition and fundraiser for the gallery. We ...
    • Counter, Plymouth Art Book Fair 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2016)
      Presentation at "Counter, Plymouth Art Book Fair", explaining how KALEID editions works with artists and collectors to populate significant artists’ book collections in the UK, Europe and USA. KALEID editions represents ...
    • Dark Matter 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2016)
      Participation at the exhibition "ON THE SAME PAGE - Loose leaves and bound books" at Jaggedart Gallery, London, 9 March - 2 April 2016. In a time when words and images seem to evaporate into the ether, this show brings ...
    • Digital Embodiment, Transforming Reduction into Tessellating Multi-Block Relief Prints 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2022)
      Victoria Browne is Associate Professor of Printmaking and Publishing, Art & Craft at KHiO.Her artistic practice is informed by post-industrial craft heritage and is situated at the intersection of tacit knowledge, machine ...
    • Digital Embodiment: Transforming Reduction into Tessellating Multi-block Relief Prints 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2022)
      This lecture delivers practice-led research from the artist’s position as print ‘maker’ within contemporary craft. The methodology embodies David Pye’s first-hand account of the workmanship of risk and the project integrates ...
    • Dissemination of Knowledge 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Chapter, 2017)
    • Donut, Training Nature 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2015)
      Participation at the exhibition "The Masters : Relief Prints", 3-15 November 2015. The Masters is a series of technique-specific open submission exhibitions held annually in the first two weeks of November at the Bankside ...
    • Faux Fair Pilot 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Other type of report, 2022)
      Faux Fair is not merely a book fair, but a fake fair breaking the rules and opening the possibilities for artists' publishing. With around thirty KHiO artists participating in this inaugural public art fair, join us in the ...
    • #GOSH Remix 4.1 (multi-block print media) 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2018)
      To coincide with Bainbridge Print Studios' 10th birthday, #GOSH remixes where selected for a group exhibition showcasing a diverse and accomplished collection of contemporary print. Exhibited at Bainbridge Open 2018, ...
    • #GOSH Remix 7.2 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2018)
      Online representation / web exhibition at Grafikens hus. (http://shop.grafikenshus.se/). Time: 23.05.2018 - 23.05.2019 http://shop.grafikenshus.se/konstnarer/victoria-browne/victoria-browne-gosh-remix-72.html
    • #GOSH Remixes 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2017)
      Victoria Browne draws on the language of printmaking by appropriating material research to explore post-digital print processes. As the Associate Professor of Print & Drawing at KHIO, her studio practice was awarded KUF ...
    • #GOSH remixes (mimeograph print media) 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2018)
      During a study trip to the Jan van Eyck Academie, I applied knowledge gained from 'Training Nature' in the form of vector stencils to the mimeograph print process, with guidance from Erwin Blok. Jan van Eyck Academie, ...
    • #GOSH Remixes (Print) | Tracing Memory 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2017)
      Exhibition with works by Victoria Browne, Susan Corke, Theodore Ereira-Guyer and Katherine Jones. Curated by Katherine Jones and Martyn Lucas. This specially selected exhibition presents a collection of works which explore ...
    • #GOSH Remixes (Prints) | Print & Play: Focus Bergen, Affordable Art Fair 2017 

      Browne, Victoria Rowena (Visual arts, 2017)
      Participation at the exhibition "Print & Play: Fokus Bergen" at Affordable Art Fair. Place: Grafikens hus, Stockholm. Time: 12.09.2017 - 15.09.2017 Sea also: https://www.grafikenshus.se/affordable-art-fair-2017/ ...