• Devices 

      Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2020-09-24)
      The flyer series series queries the aspects in which design can offer research qualities relevant to foundational questioning in the art-field, beyond the discursive boundaries of a discipline. It proposes a critical view ...
    • Situating choreography 

      Barth, Theodor (Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]);, Dataset, 2020)
      Barth, Theodor. (2020). Situating choreography. Information unit (1HEX = flyer series #01-06 [artist book]), rejoinder to Bojana Cvejic. (2015). Choreographing problems—Expressive concepts in European dance and performance. ...
    • The Matrix Walk 

      Barth, Theodor (The Matrix Walk;, Dataset, 2020-02)