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Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo [1438]
  • Dopamining 

    Wisløff, Isak (Report, 2022)
    Dopamining is a title constructed by combining two words. A noun and a verb. Dopamine and mining. Roughly thirty different raw materials make up a total of 149 grams, which is the weight of an iPhone 6. The materials ...
  • If i could wish for something: A book of visual and text essays 

    Garcia, Dora (Book, 2021)
    In 1930, German film composer Friedrich Hollaender wrote “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte”, famously performed by Marlene Dietrich. It inspired the foundation of Dora García’s exhibition ‘If I Could Wish for Something’ ...
  • PROTOCOLS for theorising (MA) 

    Barth, Theodor (Design product; Map; Learning object; Plan or blueprint; Video, 2022-08-03)
    The attached files feature a protocol in 3 facets featuring an immersive approach to investigations that MA students may benefit from in developing a personal line of investigation, yet communicating at a transpersonal and ...
  • Gjennom landskap 

    Schrøder, Tiril (Others, 2022)
  • Verdensveving 

    Lie, Lisa Charlotte Baudouin (Doctoral thesis, 2022)
    VERDENSVEVING - Hvordan åpne andre liv gjennom å dyrke liminale felles erfaringer med teknikker og innsikter fra krysningspunkt mellom magiske og kunstneriske praksiser. Og hvordan fremmane kollektive tankeformer som siden ...

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