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Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo [1299]
  • black spot #01-06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-10-08)
    The flyer series draws up an often neglected discussion on late mediaeval/renaissance backdrop of modernism: whether referring to the Bauhaus, Samuel Beckett, Marcel Duchamp or Le Corbusier. The series are panels ...
  • the COVID19 estate 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 21-09-29)
    The present series of 6 flyers (1HEX) springs from some elementary musings on Samuel Beckett’s QUAD, in this version: The question asked is: how does the QUAD—considered ...
  • MDE 545 | Theory 2 

    Barth, Theodor (Design product, 2021-05-22)
    The present introduction to documentation from MDE 545 | Theory 2—Theory Development, is short. Since a fuller outline of course contents, approach and process is given in the editorial preface to the Essay anthology that ...
  • Narrative Tensions in Strained Elite Junior Performers' Experiences of Becoming Elite Performers 

    Haraldsen, Heidi Marian; Abrahamsen, Frank Eirik; Solstad, Bård Erlend; Halvari, Hallgeir (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021-06-03)
    Contextualized within narrative theory and the field of talent identification and development systems (TIDS), this interview study examined strained junior elite performers’ experiences of becoming elite performers while ...
  • Excavation #01-06 

    Barth, Theodor (Dataset, 2021-09-21)
    In this flyer-series, content is queried as a vectored relationship between image and writing. The reference framework is Samuel Beckett’s queries in the “novellas” Ill Seen Ill Said/Company/ Worstward Ho/Stirrings Still ...

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