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Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo [1445]
  • Narrative Tensions in Strained Elite Junior Performers' Experiences of Becoming Elite Performers 

    Haraldsen, Heidi Marian; Abrahamsen, Frank Eirik; Solstad, Bård Erlend; Halvari, Hallgeir (Journal article, 2021-06-03)
    Contextualized within narrative theory and the field of talent identification and development systems (TIDS), this interview study examined strained junior elite performers’ experiences of becoming elite performers while ...
  • The Treasure Hunt 

    Hammer, Jan Peter (Phd i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid - Avdeling Kunstakademiet;, Doctoral thesis, 2022)
    The artistic research project The Treasure Hunt is an speculative investigation into the reward-oriented logics of contemporary capitalism, where treasure refers to both the ‘cultural treasures’ of the art market and the ...
  • RHEME 

    Wisløff, Isak (Working paper; Design product; Learning object; Others, 2022-11-07)
    Literally a rheme (project title) defines a clause that gives information about the theme, but does not follow from the theme: e.g. it provides new information. In this project, we have let a selection of emoticons from ...
  • Et Kys på Sigt 

    Unknown author (Video, 2022)
    Et Kys paa Sigt Komisk Opera med Dans i én Akt. Rolleliste. Baronesse Vervelles - Ema Delac Jenny, hende Niece - Sofia Nesje Enger Derville, en ung Oberst - Jostein Fahre Phillip, hans Tjener - Johannes N. Aas Thibaut, ...
  • I Goethes værelse 

    Unknown author (Video, 2022)
    I Goethes Værelse Burleske i én Akt. Rolleliste: Heinrich Römpel, Regningsraad fra Leipzig - Johannes N. Aas Louise Römpel, hans Hustru - Ema Delac Rudolph, han Søn - Jostein Fahre Mathilde Richter - Helena ...

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